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Ficus Cyathistipula (African Fig)

Ficus Cyathistipula (African Fig)

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Ficus Cythistipula (Supplied in a 25cm black plastic pot with drainage)

Ficus cythistipula otherwise know as The African Fig (or Birchbark Fig) is a great anchor plant for creating that bold, jungely indoor space you've always dreamed about as it has dense, luscious, deep green foliage with large, elongated leathery leaves.  

Ficus cythistipula prefers bright indirect light in a draft-free room. Direct sunlight may burn the leaves.  It brances readily and can tolerate dry air and shady conditions more than many other indoor plants.

Care tips:                                                                                                                        Water when the potting mix starts to dry out.  Do not over water as this will cause leaf drop.  (Potting mix needs rich, humusy and well-drained).  Mist leaves regularly with water as this plant likes humidity and the odd dusting too.

Apply a weak dose of fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.



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