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Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa

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Monstera deliciosa (Fruit Salad plant)

This is a plant lovers favourite because of the fabulous leaf structure and lush tropical vibe.  A must have for creating your urban oasis. 

Monstera's love humid conditions and indirect sunlight which together resemble the jungle environments of Central and South America from which they are from.  

Care tips:
Keep your Monstera in warm, well lit and ideally humid areas of your home.  Misting the leaves frequently will help with its health and vigour (if you don't have a humidifier available to keep the air moist).
Fertilize when you water during the spring and summer months, then refrain from feeding during the autumn and winter months.
Remember, this is a climber and it may need to be trimmed to keep it under control or trained up a coir pole to ensure a good shape. Cut away any dead or damaged leaves. Cut close to the main stem to avoid stubs.

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