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Phalaenopsis orchid (Moth Orchid)

Phalaenopsis orchid (Moth Orchid)

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Phalaenopsis orchids are the perfect gift and everyone’s favourite. They are know for their luxurious, long lasting tropical flowers and can range in colour from white, creams and greens through to oranges, pinks and purples. 

Care:  Phalaenopsis orchids thrive in a warm, bright spot, out of direct light and in an even temperature, especially when in bud. They prefer humid air but will adapt to drier air as long as they are watered regularly.  They require watering weekly in the summer and once every 10-12 days in the winter depending on the warmth of your home.  Ensure you take the orchid out of the cover pot (ceramic pot without drainage hole) and water well over the sink so that the bark is properly wet (avoid the leaf crown).  Leave standing to fully drain before returning it to its cover pot.   NB: Orchids must not be left standing in water as this will rot the roots.

After flowering use half strength liquid fertiliser.  Once the blooms die, cut the stem just above the first or second flower node to encourage a new flower spike. Once flowering has finished cut the bare flower stem right back to the base of the plant and continue its watering/feeding schedule as before to encourage the orchid to flush more blooms.

Moth orchids like to be snug in their pots so there is not need to repot immediately. Once your plant has become too large for its container you can re-pot into a larger pot using a good quality orchid bark mix.

NB: Never use a Leaf Shine product on orchids. 

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